Final Date

I look into your eyes,
And I can see the whole night sky.

There’s so much they hold.
Like those stars so old,
You have come so far,
To be right where you are.

But I still see you from down below,
So far still so near.
Because I promised,
I won’t give up on us,
Even if the storm gets rough.

I will keep an eye on you,
And I will still look up.

When you will be needing to ride alone,
To do some navigating.
I will be waiting with a smile,
To see what you find.

‘Cause even the stars burn,
And they fall on earth.
We’ve got a lot to learn,
And you know we’re worth it.

I will make our differences,
the required tools to learn.
For us to cover the distances,
And the walls to burn.

I know my star gonna come down,
To brighten my home.
I’m gonna put her in the wedding gown.

Until then, I will wait,
I won’t give up.
And I promise,
We will surely have our FINAL DATE.


Wo baat

Ik baat jo dil mein aayi magar,
wo baat jubaan tak aayi nahi.

kuch kehna tha in aankhon ne,
par rok liya jazbaaton ne.
jo rok liya jazbaaton ne to,
aankh se aansu aye nahi.

ik baat jo dil mein aayi magar,
wo baat jubaan tak aayi nahi.

Shamil hu main ik mehfil mein,
dil fir bhi yaha mojuud nahin.
Dil khoya hai jiski yaad mein ab,
Wo shakhs magan hai aur kahin.

Us shakhs ne meri mohabbat ki,
kadar kabhi bhi jaani nahin.
ik baat jo dil mein aayi magar,
wo baat jubaan tak aayi nahin.

Sab kehte hai tu chup rehta hai kyu,
kabhi ek taraf na aya hai tu.
Kaisi kahu ye hai majboori meri,
Ye lafz na jhooth bol paye kabhi.

Jo bola kisiko ki galat hai tu,
ek dil dukhane ka doshi hai tu.
Darrta hu kahi sunke ye sach,

koi door na mujhse ho jaye kahin.

Isiliye ae mere dost,
ik baat jo dil mein aayi magar,
wo baat jubaan tak aayi nahi.



There is nothing unusual,
If you feel like every day is beautiful.
It just means that you are at peace,
As you can see the nature’s master-piece.

Seeds already know when to grow,
And the sky has decided when to snow.
So just close your eyes and see the show,
Because it’s just another beautiful today.

This life is like a gift to you,
Wrapped in boxes everyday.
But it’s you who gets to decide,
Will you slip or you’re going to,
ride that tide.

Isn’t this remarkable,
how we use our shiny blades.
And still those trees will always be,
Giving us a shade.

When you wake up everyday,
Never throw your dreams away.
No matter, what anybody says,
Mark your ground and don’t you drift away.

You messed up today and you think you lost,
Now you can’t get up and feel the same.
Just believe in the magic, don’t lose your aim,
And tomorrow you will be back in the game.

That is how life is my friend,
Enjoy every bit of it and don’t complain.



Here I come to take you on a ride,
I know you must be busy but just come along.
I feel like a wind about to blow,
Don’t know if that’s all right or completely wrong.

You’ll feel so high and so crazy,
It will change your perception of the life.
Bad people won’t affect you after all,
Because you vowed before happiness to be your wife.

Go out there what you’re afraid of,
It’s not like the world is going to end.
Do what you always wanted to do,
And stop just following the trend.

You want the things to change,
It has to start with you.
You got to climb so high,
To see the sunset view.

Let’s take it one by one,
Start as little as you may.
Even the Rome was not,
Built in a single day.

I shall now take the leave,
As my chariot awaits.
See you on the other side my friend,
Where people make their own fate.



Living my life guided by my beating heart,
Not exactly knowing where it will end,
But I know for sure where to start.

They told me I am too young to understand,
My journey will some day come to an end.
And I said that is fine by me,
Because I am made to stand out not to blend.

They told me open your eyes before it’s too late,
that I should not be testing my fate.
But there are many things left to try on my plate,
And I can’t wait them out till I am 68.

So just wake me up when all of this is over,
When I am wise and so much older.
My heart will always stay young and free,
I have locked my problems and threw away the key.

I tried carrying weight of the world and walk for a mile,
But it’s too heavy that it’s killing my smile.
Seems like I got to choose only one thing,
I will shed the weight and I will choose to sing.

So let me live my life, and give me some space,
Because I am not going to be a part of this rat-race.
Where every morning they will start at nine,

But they are never able to get to the finish-line…


The other World

This blue sky which looks like an ocean,
must be having a special star.

A star containing a second world,
Totally different from the one in which living we are.

Where life is still alive,
No sign of anger, no sign of pain.
Where everyone is living not just to survive.

So much happiness that everyone could take,
Nobody’s alone, nobody gets lost.
People love each other, so much,
there isn’t even a single heart-break.

The world that is free of any killing,
Eyes without tears, hearts without walls.
Where each and every wish is fulfilling.

So, I went on to find this amazing world,
got into the ship of moon,
and sailed across the ocean of sky.

Only after that I came to know,
the beautiful world that I seek,
is hidden under own world.

It’s not on a different star,
That somewhere is right here.

But yes, there are multiple shades,
Full of evil and so full of hate.
Which are stuck on our world’s lovely face.

Dust of anger and shackles of greed,
Clinging on its body like a deadly snake.
Stopped that world from coming down to us.

If it’s face could get rid of that dust and shades,
If it’s body could break free of that deadly snake,
Then that star will shine upon our world.

No more riots and no more fights,
Our world once more will be full of smiles.



Driving my car on the open road,
Thinking what I did in my life so far.

Learning from the past, thinking about the future,
But losing on my present like a burning cigar.

Maybe that’s the tornado inside which,
Everyone is stuck so deep, so thick.

Working late nights to secure your life,
You don’t even care about your loving wife.

Always on the Netflix even when you eat,
But remember it’s your family,
That will make you complete.

It’s okay to work,
Everyone fights for that extra perk.

But not okay is to forget rest everything,
Am happy that atleast I got this feeling.

Time for re-birth of that creative child,
Whose style was so classy,
And the thoughts were so wild.

Take the charge and grab that wheel,
You can’t suppress anymore, this awesome feel.

Stop trying so hard,
where you just don’t fit.

It’s your life, your wish,
C’monnn… make the most of it.


I saw a shining star

Tonight I saw a shining star,
making its way through the ultimate dark.

In that star, I could see your face,
Watching me down there from that empty space.

Stunning was the moment, so stunning was the time,
when you used to be my partner in crime.

Then that someone entered our lives,
never imagined that he will steal you away.

I Kept saying you’re making a mistake,
he will leave you on the way like some useless prey.

So exited with his money and that luxury car,
And now sitting alone in an empty bar.

I know you won’t ask,
But I will still be there.

And will make you once more happy,
With my love and care.

The night will still come,
And again the stars will shine,
That will be the moment darling, when I will make you mine.


No Promise

I don’t promise you to bring any stars so bright,
But I would sing for you in that shiny moonlight.

I won’t promise to give you an umbrella during the rain,
But I would dance with you there like an insane.

I won’t say I will take you to that rockshow,
Rather I would spend some time with you on a mountain filled with snow.

I don’t promise to catch you when you fall,
But I will stand with you until you beat them all.

Despite no such promise, would you still trust me?

Would you sit with me in that moonlight,
Would you allow me to walk with you in that rain,
Would you spend a weekend with me on those lonely hills,
Would you trust me enough to take a leap of faith.

Would you…

You may think that without promises,
this is too much of an asking.
But remember one thing,
That promises are meant to be broken,
But efforts are – Everlasting



Hum unse kya shikayat karein,

Kasoor to humara tha.

Jis nazar ko hum Ishq samjh bethe,

usey chahiye bas ek sahara tha.


kuch to alag tha uski dabi hui muskaan mein,

varna toote dilo pe marham laganaa humaraa pesha to na tha.

Wahi toota dil juddne ke baad humse muh mod lega,

ye to kabhi socha bhi na tha.


kabhi na jaate hunke kareeb, agar ye khyaal kiya hota,

ki ek kalakaar bhi apni kriti ka kabhi haqdaar nahi hota.

Par hum unse kya shikaayat karein,

kasoor to humara tha.

jis nazar ko hum ishq samjh bethe,

usse chahiye bas ek sahara tha.